Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I do not recommend Digestacure!!!
I started taking Digestacure as a last stand effort to relieve the symptoms of TD that I have from being overdosed on medications by Doctors who did not even tell me that I might get TD from too many medications. The pain and discomfort is so bad I wanted to sue the Doctors that did this to me but with  no luck.
I ordered Disgestacure and took it as I was suppose too and I got worst.  I called for a refund three times and was ignored.  The fourth time a lady came on the phone accused me of not taking eight pills a day till I was cured of all symptoms.  But my symptoms got worst on eight pills a day and I wanted a refund which they refused to give to me.  Then the lady got rude and even laughed at me and said this was some sort of 'Joke!"
That is when I really got mad for I saw I was not going to get  a refund and they were laughing that my symptoms where not gone and that I did not take it right.
What really burnt me was the way the lady laughed at me and said this was a joke!  If she suffered anywhere near the pain I did she would had given me a refund.  But they are not going to give a refund saying you got to take eight pills till you are healed.  I was on my second bottle.  It is nearly $200.00 a bottle and I was no where near better, in fact I got worst .  DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, IN MY OPINION IT IS A SCAM!  IF IT DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU, YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!
THANK YOU, Brewster Peterson


  1. thanks for warning everyone!!

  2. I'm sorry this happened to you, there are a lot of supposed "miracle cures" out there for everything, preying on desperate people who have been pretty much ignored by their doctors. I've been fighting IBS and now celiac disease and realize I'm on my own. Pathetic, that all the doctors care about is money and ripping you off with drugs that don't work or make you worse.

  3. Hello strkngfang,

    Aloe Vera Juice/Gel, Slippery Elm Bark, Ginger Root Tea and any type of natural greens in salad/powder/drink form should help. Also, avoid ALL variations of Wheat; try a Gluten-Free Diet. Wishing you optimum well-being. GOD BLESS YOU.


  4. I was taking digestacure for 2 months for gastritis and even though I was told that it would take 4 to 6 months to heal,they also told me that I would see a difference in one month or two but I saw no change whatsoever.

    Its my opinion that if you follow the instructions on diet,sleep,nutrients,meditation,relaxation etc and don't get upset or angry for 6 months then you would probably heal anything on top of the positive thinking.Its very costly so if you are poor you die.

    They don't give refunds and if anyone does heal its probably due to the power of belief,but the doctor is a chiropractor and by now I would say a very rich one.

    They give out good and compelling medical jargon but that's how you sell,mix a little truth in with fantasy and what people want to hear just like a polititian.

    And lastly from my understanding there is no such thing as autoimmune disease because the body producing antigens are a symptom of lack of nutrients caused by stresses and these antigens attack dead tissue as a result causing inflammation.

    If I had my time back I would of investigated further instead of willy nilly sending for something because I was desperate for a cure.

  5. I would also like to add that these people would like you to believe that an autoimmune disease is when your own body is attacking itself for no apparent reason but that's just most doctors and so called specialists saying that they don't know what is causing a disease and file it under autoimmune disease,instead of saying we simply don't know why you have a chronic condition.

    The main reason we have chronic diseases is because of poor diets and ingesting inflammatory foods and on top of that the stresses of life,such as' physical stress,emotional stress and toxic stress and you have a recipe for disaster,perhaps not right away but after years of self-abuse whether it be done deliberately or out of ignorance,something snaps and we end up with a chronic disease.

    Then most of us go to see our family doctors to fix us overnight with a bunch of pills that cause all kinds of side effects and these pills don't cure only mask the symptoms never reaching the underlying problem,so later we become sicker and we get more pills and so on and so on.

    So people forget about a quick fix from the doctors who only feed the big pharma and take responsibility for your own lives.

    By the way,the average lifespan of a doctor in the USA is only 56 years of age.These are the people who say they can heal you if you have a chronic condition.hahaha.They are simply not trained to heal unless its associated with trauma and surgery if absolutely necessary.Thats what they have been trained in and they don't see the big picture.

  6. For the life of me I cannot understand how these people can live with themselves.To scam people of their hard earned money,they are worst than vultures.
    The testimonials are all made up to sound very convincing but people get paid to make up these testimonials.
    Don't waste your money like I did and they will not refund your money.
    There is a special place awaiting these people in the afterlife.

  7. I found this blog and am now not going to purchase this product, but I have a question... you stated you have TD. What is that?

  8. Hi. After reading your post I looked up what TD was because I am caring for my parents right now and my Dad takes at least 30 pills a day. I am not a very big advocate for medicines but I do realize that people sometimes need them. Alot of times I find that one medicine causes another problem and then you are put on another medicine that causes another problem and so on. I have, however, been doing alot of research which is how I came across checking about digestacure and came across your blog. I really think that each and every individual's body is made up differently and has its own issues due to different lifestyles and environments. I do not doubt that you took the digestacure as directed, however, I do not know enough about digestacure as to what it does and what is in it. I cannot say that it does not work because for many it might, however your situation might be different and need to be looked at in a different manner. For instance, some of the medicines that my Dad is taking I am finding out that it takes away important things from the body which will cause other problems, in fact great problems if left go. He is taking a few medicines that I found depletes magnesium in the body which will cause other problems and medical doctors just kept putting him on other medicines for the new problems which depleted other necessary vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function. I do understand that the medical doctors are trying to help and they only know facts from their learning, but I think that it would be beneficial for them to know "the rest" and make provisions for this. My suggestion is that maybe you should check with a hollistic doctor or go to a medical doctor and request for them to do a micronutrient testing to see if the medicines that you were on could possibly have depleted necessary things for your body to function....some of these depletions have been known to cause lots of "medical issues". I have been specifically looking into vitamin B12 and magnesium and COQ10 because of the medicines that my Dad is on and found that the depletion of these things cause him some of his issues. I have suggested to them to go to experts for help with it but have had no success. I really think that medical doctors should learn all the ins and outs of each medicine prescribed and when found to deplete something in the body to be sure to make provisions for it and regularly check that for that patient, however, this would be very time consuming at first till they got to know it. I know I don't know you but after reading this I couldn't stand the fact that you were in so much pain from being on medicines to try to help you and maybe did in some things but depleted others which could be some of your problems. I would love to be able to help you, but I do not know what medicines you were on and what they may have depleted but alot of the research can be done on the internet, but I strongly suggest going to a doctor of some sort (preferrably a hollistic doctor) and having a micronutrient testing done so they can check all the vitals in keeping a body healthy. I am not sure of your financial standing and I hope that you have the resources to take care of yourself either by insurance or funds available. I do know that hollistic doctors usually don't take insurance so it is out of pocket expense. And you might want to keep in mind that sometimes when there is a depletion it can take a few months to build that depletion back up so try not to get discouraged. I really hate hearing that you are in such pain and I hope that it will get better for you. God bless

  9. just went on their website and the first thing I learned is that 19 out of 20 people get good results after four months of taking the product. You should have read that when you went on there as well unless it didn't state that at the time? If you wanted your money back, you needed to at least give it the fair trial they said up front it took to get results. Are you really being fair to this company? Your actions appear to me like a child with a temper tantrum. "I want what I want and I want it now and you'd better give it to me right now because I deserve it and you HAVE to!" Have you gone back to the allopathic physicians who put you on tons of medications and demanded your money back from every one of THEM also? Let's see how far you get on THAT one! I never heard of ANY allopathic or drug company refunding money because a patient failed to get a cure in two months! Furthermore, the combative attitude you sustain by continuing this blog will surely play out it's dour effects on your health! The evil you wish on Digestacure all comes back to stir up your gut and everyone else who sympathizes with you in your grasping attitude. Please study Dr. Emoto's research about speaking blessings and curses to water! There is love enough invested in this world for you to be able to ask your Creator for a small portion to give away. When you become a living channel for disseminating light and blessing to all around you, you will be the first one blessed. The very black background you have chosen for this blog reflects the color of the kingdom whose banner bears the sun, moon and stars. A pure, white, blood-stained banner will serve your life much better. Blessings to you, my friend.

    1. Oh puhleez! I got a bottle, could not afford it, but have suffered for years with Acid Reflux. The stuff makes me ill, and I have tried twice to communicate for a refund. This is a scam, and I ain't stopping till I get my money back.

  10. its just not digestacure also sites like and other review sites which promote it are of major concern

  11. Digestacure may not work for everyone but it sure worked for my wife. She has been suffering from Crohn's disease for 40+ years. Had major surgery 10 years ago to remove large portion of intestine, and the pain had recently started to return. Have been taking DigestaCure for 4 months and is now symptom free. If you suffer from this terrible disease, the cost of this treatment is cheap cheap cheap. I don't know if it works for everyone, but it sure seems to work for us!

  12. What a ripoff. I used it for 4 months as stated, did nothing, called my credit card company, filed a chargeback and got my money back. Throw this stuff in the garbage where it belongs.

  13. look ive been taking this for my reiters syndrome and IBS for 3 weeks and its working well...though when I got it I discovered I had to take immodium with it...bullshit but I it messed with my stomach for the first week....heart burn and the said to take immodium in the directions so I did and it got me through the first no side effects...and im eating stomach immflamation is better too...gonna take it for the long haul and hope for the best....digestacure is not a scam...its just not for everyone and the company is very vague and misleading....other brands of amp seem to have less side effects but don't claim to treat as many daughter tried a half capsule and it gave her heartburn just like mine....thinking of getting her Serovera instead but cause they use regular aloe amp and it seems to have less side effects then the super long chained amp in digestacure.....again not a scam...just some misleading claims and shitty uncompassionate customer sorry to those of you who are mad at digestacure..they owe you a refund imho but their policies say you have to take it for 3 months to get any moneyback is unfair but clearly stated on their site...

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  15. Hi, our SON HAS ULCERATIVE COLITIS, and DIGESTACURE was literally what STOPPED HIS BLEEDING, and started on the way to a healthier, vibrant life again. His physician upon doing blood work took him off all Rx Medications and we just use the Digestacure. He slowed down in using it and the bleeding returned. We know it works for his UC. The company coaching has been amazing, the people are warm in informative. We will not be without it!

  16. What I see in many of these comments is the fact that people have been taught that getting rid of symptoms is the "first" step to getting better. There is confusion between symyptom suppression and healing. Symptoms are a sign that the body is trying to rid itself of an offending agent (biological or chemical). When one continually tries methods that stop that process rather than to strengthen the body's ability to accomplish elimination of the offending agents, the agents are store somewhere (such as bone or fat). Eventually, this leads to disease and degene ration. The fact that one can get worse at the beginning of a natural remedy is well-known, as these agents are being mobilized to exit the body. (Herzheimer reaction) Backing off a little on dose may make the symptoms bearable, but returning to a method of symptom suppression will be harmful in the long run.

  17. By TD, I assume you mean tardive dyskinesia. Psychiatric drugs are the most usual offenders in this regard. At least the Digestacure would be likely to help with your neurotransmitters, since the gut is the second largest source of neurotransmitters. This is why if the gut is not healthy, the mind will not be healthy. Vitamin B6 at 1200 mg/day was helpful in clinical trials. However, B6 competes with B2 for absorption, so large amounts cannot be taken for long periods. I would try using a high quality whole food source, so as not to create imbalances. Brewer's yeast (Lewis Labs) is good or a combination of Cataplex B and Cataplex G (also whole food) from Standard Process (great but pricey). Each has a different grouping of B vitamins, so both products would be needed. Both B and G have some B6 in them, but the B's contained in Cataplex G are calming, while the forms of B in Cataplex B have a stimulatory effect. Vitacost has a very affordable whole food B complex (whole food sources are hundreds of times more effective), called Vitacost Raw Whole Food B Complex. Many psychiatric problems, even in children, are related to vitamin B deficiencies, but because synthetic B preparations do not include B4 (choline), they are ineffective. And large amounts of synthetic B vitamins are not even close to small amounts of whole food sources in efficacy.